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Hi Gina
I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback for one of your drivers. I have recently had a driver that has taken two of my football teams away on long trips to Preston School, Yeovil and Millfield School who has been excellent. The driver was prompt and organised with regards to getting to the venue and whilst he's a football man, I (and the team) appreciate the he took up the offer to watch the 2 games rather than staying at the coach. He then praised the students for their performance in both games as they got back on the coach and was very professional in his approach across the whole event. Whilst I would never expect a driver to do this, it was good that he took the time to do this.

Further to this, in the Millfield game, he was particularly understanding with regards to waiting a little bit longer for our excited Year 10s who wanted to collect food and watch the penalty shoot out on another pitch. Despite needing to get back for his own sporting event in the evening, he did not put any pressure on us leaving and again completed the journey professionally.

Dan Van Grudgings